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ROV POSEIDON गबन पानी के भीतर कूपन के साथ € 990 कैमरा 1080P कैमरा पानी के नीचे का पता लगाना

ROV POSEIDON ड्रोन अंडरवॉटर 1080P कैमरा

ROV POSEIDON ड्रोन अंडरवॉटर 1080P कैमरा
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€ 990 € 1999

coupon, banggood,ROV POSEIDON Drone Underwater 1080P Camera


वजन 3.4kg
आकार 378x210x88mm
Dive Depth 120m
Dive Speed 2m / s
चालक 3pcs
प्रतिबिंब संवेदक 1/2.9 Inch Cmos
वीडियो संकल्प 4K
वीडियो प्रारूप Flv
चित्र प्रारूप जेपीईजी
राय 120 डिग्री
रोशनी 300lumen x 4
भंडारण स्थान 32G
सेना 50kg
लंबाई 50m/100m
गहराई सेंसर +/- 0.2m
तापमान सेंसर +/-0.5 Degree
सामग्री Li
क्षमता 9000mah
समय का उपयोग करना 5h
प्रभार समय 2h
ऐप कंट्रोल
सहायता Android And Apple

1. Real-time screen transmission
2. 5 hours ultra clear life
3. Dive depth 120m
4. HD camera
5. Remote WiFi remote control
6.GeneRov APP remote control

Professional deep-sea star-level HD camera head, 1/2.9-inch cmos sensor for easy shooting of high-decibel image video.
5 hours long battery life, 9000mah large capacity lithium battery, providing illegal power, let you shoot more exciting, innovative power optimization algorithm, maximize power saving technology, TSA certification, with intelligent security protection
120-inch wide-angle low-light lens, easy to capture high-definition pictures under water, excellent optical performance, sensors, processors, restore high dynamic and detailed photos, providing greater possibilities and space for the later stage
Dive depth 120m; 3400g weight, easy to carry; 2m/s hydrostatic speed
Powerful APP intercourse, easy connection, easy operation interface, grip control and enjoy underwater experience

आवेदन क्षेत्र

Underwater shooting
Shooting wild animals underwater, recording their own divers, fishermen, movie old shipwrecks, film sea adventures, ocean, underwater photography.
मछली पकड़ना
Find fish, lobsters, explore fishing spots, check fishing conditions in advance, find new potential fishing spots, and fish.
Shoot the diver’s activities, diver safety supervision, pre-check the dive site before entering, evaluate the dive site, show the dive site wreck dive, ocean dive.
Underwater exploration and search and rescue
Explore swimming pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, bays, oceans. Floating houses, exploring underwater treasure hunt, ocean looking for lost treasures, observing reefs, fish, marine life.

Product contains
1x Poseidon 1080p drone underwater robot
1x Communication cable (50m/100m)
1x Weight
1x Buoy
1x Host charger
1x Buoy charger
1x उपयोगकर्ता मैनुअल

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